Doberman Paw does take owner surrenders.


If you have a Doberman you are interested in surrendering, please contact us.  We may have the solution to help you keep your pet.  If surrendering is the best option, we will ask for your dog’s history and some photos.  With the returned profile, we can start working on foster space and finding a new home for your dog.  We will ask for your assistance in bringing your pet up to date on routine vaccinations, heartworm testing and having them spayed/neutered.  We understand this may not be possible, we are here to work with you on the best solutions.  We also ask you to help transport to an area close to our open foster home or to meet your dog before surrender to evaluate them in person. 


Our incoming dogs are placed into foster homes where they are treated as part of our families.  We learn more about them through this process, and it gives us the opportunity to enjoy them as they help us find their forever home.


Due to a shortage of available foster homes there may be a waiting list for incoming dogs.  This wait can be anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks.  We do work with shelters and adjust our incoming list by severity of each situation, neglect and/or endangerment.


If you can help foster while we start the search for your dogs new home, it can help make this process easier for all involved, including your dog.


Contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are considering the option of surrendering.  We may have other resources to help you keep your dog - or help find him/her a new home.