Doberman Paw helps shelters and animal control in a variety of ways.


We will accept Dobermans transfers from shelters.  Due to our short supply of foster homes, we may need to evaluate the dog prior to accepting the transfer.  In most cases this is not necessary, but there are times, with dogs that have questionable temperaments, we need to use caution.  If our most experiences foster homes are full, we may not be able to help.  We do evaluate each situation, and suggest other solutions if we are not able to accept the transfer.


We may have an approved home that we feel could match with the Doberman at your facility.  In those situations, if our fosters are full, we may request your facility to work with our adopter for placement.


We may also work with you to help us transfer owner surrenders through your facility.  If we are unable to react quickly enough to help someone contacting us, we may contact you to accept the surrender on our behalf and we will quickly move said surrender into our care as soon as possible.


We also accept surrenders from good Samaritans.  We follow appropriate laws to ensure 'found' dogs have appropriate stray holds as required by our state.