We are always ready to welcome new volunteers.  Rescue work can be a very fulfilling venture.  

It is all about helping loving families and very deserving Dobermans find each other to create a bond like no other.  Any amount of time can help and there are many areas in which to share your talents.  If you aren’t sure how you can help, check out the list below.  If you have questions, please email and we’ll offer more information on your areas that interest you.  

Check out our donate page for other ways you can help through igive, isearch and other affiliate programs.

Volunteer Opportunities


Adopting through our program allows us room to help more Dobermans in need.  We often ask adopters to bring appropriate dogs to education events we participate in ~ we may contact you after you adopt to help with something in your area.


Moving dogs around the state, between owners or shelters and fosters is not only necessary but always appreciated.  Some dogs move long distances to an open foster home.  By transporting, you help cut down on travel time so we can spend more time getting to know the fosters.


Probably the most important and rewarding part of volunteering with any rescue organization.  We need fosters for easy dogs and not so easy dogs.  In foster we learn about how each dog will handle the transition into a new home and environment.  We fall in love with them all ~ but by giving them the gift a new adoptive family, we gain experience and are able to help more in need.


Posting to social media and adoption websites is essential in placing our fosters into new homes.  Posting also gives us the opportunity to educate on our breed ~ and have a bit of fun.


Whether meeting with owners and their dogs, or with a Doberman in need at a shelter – when we are sparse on foster space or have additional questions about a dog – we visit with them before accepting them into the program.  Evaluating dogs is second to fostering.  It allows us to post referrals with confidence and start searching for appropriate homes before foster space is needed. 


Answering emails and messages is another essential function with rescue.  We get breed related questions, dog related questions along with insurance and housing questions along with adopter interest and surrender concerns.  


Adopter, surrender, and volunteer forms all need to be processed.  Processing incoming forms is key to keeping things running smoothly while finding help for all operations of the organization.  


To keep things flowing smoothly ~ we need coordinators.  Someone that works with our other volunteers to keep everyone informed about the current dogs in our program, dogs needing our assistance, and news from past adopters.  Coordinating volunteers and their fosters/pets is also very important.


Doberman Paw attends pet related expos, educational events, and fundraisers.  All funds brought in by the organization are used strictly for the medical needs of our fosters.  We’d like to position ourselves to help fosters cover more costs of fostering and promote the organization.


Together we can and do find ‘forever homes’ for very deserving Dobermans.  

If you have other ideas for how you can help ~ please let us knows.

 We are always looking for creative and fresh ideas.